Mixed grilled vegetables with rucola, cow's milk cheese and quinoa /300 g/

Mixed salad with yoghurt caviar from red quinoa, tomatoes and cucumbers /300 g/

Salad with black lentils, bulgur, chives, baked papadum and lime dressing with parsley /300g/

Country salad with roasted pepper, marinated cheese, quail egg and eggplant cream /400 g/

Mediterranean salad with chicken fillet and Parmesan cheese /fresh lettuce, capers, dried tomatoes, parsley, oregano /300 g/

Salad from mint tabbouleh and tomatoes with Mozzarella cheese flavoured with pepper pesto /300g/                                                                                                                     

Fresh lettuce with marinated zucchini, chips bacon and Pecorino cheese red onion and olives /250 g/

Salad with pears, Gorgonzola cheese, baked walnuts and Prosciutto Crudo /250 g/

*All the menus are sample and can be customized to suit your style and budget.