Roasted pepper terrine with cheese coated with zucchini /150 g/                                                                    

Antipasto with roasted vegetables, Mozzarella cheese /150 g/

Gratin Cheddar cheese in hemisphere, with poached pear /150 g/

Chicken roll with mantle of bacon on bed of zucchini with aromatic cheeses /150 g/

Halloumi cheese in parchment with anise and apricots /150 g/

Crispy chicken with peanut butter and macadamia, with mashed corn and wild mushrooms /150 BGN/             

Citrus orzo pasta with octopus and squids /150 g/

Timbale of smoked salmon with apples, red onion and Mascarpone cheese /150 g/

Baked Camembert cheese with prosciutto on mirror of wild strawberries and rucola /150 g/

*All the menus are sample and can be customized to suit your style and budget.