Основно ястие

Pork with apples, potato gratin and mashed celery /350 g/ 

Chicken roll with dried tomatoes and cedar nuts, with ragout of vegetables and lemon sauce /400 g/

Pricked pork fillet with bacon and salvia in tandem with turkey fillet, garnished with roasted potatoes and beet /400 g/

Meat trio – veal shank, chicken lollipop, pork medallion with ratatouille /450 g/ 

Stewed veal shank with vegetable hotchpotch /400 g/

Chicken chop with tarragon and tomato garnished with artichoke, baby potatoes and dried tomatoes /400 g/

Salmon fillet with exotic pineapple and chili peppers garnish /350 g/

Chicken with cardamom, garnished with mashed chestnuts and gnocchi with truffle flavour /350 g/                             

Devil gilt-head bream with olive paste with gratin potatoes and citrus sauce /350 g/

Veal roll with pine nuts and spinach, French beans and rice noodles /350 g/

Main Vegetarian Dishes:

Vegetable ratatouille with red beans and garden spices accompanied with baked tortilla /350 g/

Vegetable mini cake with dried edible bolete mushrooms and pepper sauce /350 g/

Tortilla roll up with quinoa and grilled vegetables, supplemented with tahini sauce /350 g/

*All the menus are sample and can be customized to suit your style and budget.